Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Connection Group Posse

These are the lovely ladies of Kelly's Connection Group.  They are wonderful and amazing and they make my life more full of love.  

And here we are with all of our children's :)  Yes 23 kids in total!

*I stole this pics off of Kelly's facebook. Thanks Kelly!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cross the country BATHROOM AWARDS

somewhere in the middle of nowhere utah:
we stopped at a gas station that had gravel instead of asphalt.
as i walked in the door to take the girls to the bathroom to my left was a kitchen table with 3 guys sitting at it: they were wearing plaid flannel shirts and drinking beer... on the wall next to the table was a 52" flat screen TV with the basketball game playing. (obviously they spent the cash on the TV instead of the parking lot)
in the bathroom were 2 toilets side by side with no dividing wall. 
Marinn said, "look Taurin! one for me and one for you!!"
Needless to say I appreciated the convenience that they both got to go at the same time... this one gets the award for CREATIVE CONVENIENCE!
*this is not the actual bathroom but my good friend Faith found this picture for me... this is pretty much what it looked like. thanks faith!

goodland, Kansas:
at the Crazy R bar and grill where we stopped to grab some gizzards the bathroom was so small you could barely get into the stall.
this one gets the award for MOST LEAN!

somewhere in kentucky:
we stopped at an extremely small and old gas station.
when we walked into the bathroom it was decorated like we were in someones home. 
tile on the floor, a nice paint color, vases with artificial flower arrangements, and a clean toilet.
It smelt amazingly fresh and clean. 
Marinn says, "MOM! this bathroom smells soooo nice!" 
Taurin says, "I'm gonna stand by the flowers."
I actually felt like I smelt better as I walked out of that bathroom.
this one gets the award for BEST SMELLING!

off the west virginia highway:
we spent about 30 min in this bathroom... some things take more time. 
while i was waiting for Marinn we sang "i'm a little tea pot".
this one gets the award for BEST ACOUSTICS!