Friday, June 29, 2012

Sleek modern "Wallet"

My friend busted out her wallet today and I will have to say that she has a very sleek modern slightly industrial approach to fashion. Enough talk let's see the pictures.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Craftiness...


I was trying to think of something original for Andrew for Father's Day.  I remember him saying he wanted to eventually have a frame with pictures of all the kids as babies.  Then, I ran across this idea (where you can order your own customizable print here)...
**photo credit: Connie at***

that I really loved.  So, I decided to combine the two... what's better than important dates + a photo (a picture is worth a thousand words)?  Not to mention this would greatly increase the chances of my husband remembering all of my kids birthdays... I don't blame him for forgetting there is A LOT of them.

I had a piece of wood left over from a previous project that was a nice long rectangle shape that just happened to be about 10" wide and about 30" long.  Then, all I had to do was track down some pictures add some dates and format them 2 to a page on an 8x10 photo.  After googling a coupon code for Walgreen's I had the prints ordered for 40% off the normal price : )  Then, after painting my board black I cut the photos in half and Modge Podged them to my board.  I have to admit it was embarrassingly easy and quick.  I love the finished product and so did Andrew.

The dates include:
#1.  The date that he confessed to me that he had loved me for 2.5 years... mind you I thought we were just friends the whole time. *(this story should probably be a post in the future)

#2. Our wedding.  The quote "the promise to out serve" is what we committed to as a couple before we even got married.  That the rest of our lives would be dedicated to out serving one another... it's worked out pretty great so far : ) .

#3. Our first baby Marinn + the meaning of her name.

#4. Our second baby Taurin + the meaning of her name.

#5. Our third baby Shaw + the meaning of his name.

#6. *see a pattern yet?  Our fourth baby Blaize + the meaning of his name.
I did this project on my own but you could easily involve kids on this one,  it would be pretty hard to mess up.

To add something special I wrote a note to Andrew on the back telling him how much I appreciated him as an amazing father to all my babies.  Then had all the kids sign their names (well, the ones that could) and we traced their hand prints.  I'm not a big fan of cards because they end up in a box somewhere or the trash, this way the sentiment that would be in a card ends up in a permanent place on the gift.  Not to mention it saves you like $4.99+.