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Well here is a quick update of some changes this last week and a half...

*Andrew got a job with Well's Dairy... they make Blue Bunny ice cream. We are super excited but it's definitely been a change. His shift is from 4 am to 4 pm, then goes to his class for the police academy from 5 pm to 10 pm. Needless to say my wonderful husband has been a bit tired lately.  We know this crazy schedule is only temporary and are happy to be employed.  The girls think it is cool that he gets to make ice cream. And when he comes home for dinner in between work and school they are always treating him like a king... bringing him his dinner and offering him juice and water and more food.  It's hilarious, but wonderful to see how much they love their daddy and want to take care of him.

*We found a wonderful house to rent.  It's in a great safe neighborhood and it's more space then we've ever had.  Hopefully I will get some pictures up soon.  I have been a slow unpacker but it's kind of nice just being able to sit and relax in our own place.

*I have about 8 weeks or so left of my pregnancy and am feeling good.  This one has been a different journey but still very enjoyable. I'm proud of myself for sticking with Crossfit throughout and am excited to see the impact it will have on my delivery.  For those of you who worry I promise I'm not pushing myself too hard or doing things I shouldn't, I listen to my body and adjust my workouts accordingly.  I think the fun part is the looks on new people at the gym who have never seen me working out... even though I'm doing probably half the work everyone else is doing they always look at me like I'm crazy or lost.  There are no mirrors so I'm sure I look pretty ridiculous with a huge belly in the midst of the weights and kettle bells. There will be pictures for sure of this coming soon (my good friend Ryanne brought her camera to the gym a few weeks ago and captured the fun).  ***minutes after posting this I found a pic of me on our gym website*** like I said "ridiculous".

I have some catching up to do on my blog since the lack of internet and a problem with my computer.  But I will catch up I will!

Project 365: Day 53

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Project 365: Day 50

This is Shaw's sign for "drink".  I love it!

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Project 365: Day 46

What was left of a HUGE banana split. 

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Project 365: Day 45

All so you can see the belly!

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Project 365: Day 43

Valentine's Goodness...

We dropped the kids off at my sisters and headed to the Anasazi Steakhouse for some delicious Filet Mignon and Shrimp cooked on a flat rock... basically they bring you your food on a 700 degree rock and it cooks right in front of you. Super fun and amazingly delicious.  Andrew was cutting his steak with a fork it was sooo tender. 

Then off to the beautiful Marriott Hotel... they have the biggest jacuzzi I have ever seen at a hotel. (Pictured below) Yeah, that huge round one is the jacuzzi. It was so relaxing!

Then... this morning we had some yummy coffee and delicious breakfast at the Bear Paw.  Definitely feeling the love : )  Thanks to my wonderful forever boyfriend. 

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Project 365: Day 41

Taurin's 3rd Birthday Party!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 40

Taurin's 3rd Birthday Cake

Castle Cake Creation

Taurin's Birthday party is tomorrow soo today I made the cake. I found this cake below online as some inspiration.

 Here is my finished product. 
 I used a cream cheese frosting and the house was crazy warm so it kept melting off the cake but somehow it survived.  
The cake is currently taking a nap in the freezer. : ) 
The entire thing is edible excluding a small skewer through the tower.  
Eat your heart out Cake Boss!  
I think my favorite part might be the river/ waterfall... maybe that's just because I love blue. : )

Unfortunately this was the wreckage left behind after the creating... I'm not very good at "cleaning as I go".  Good thing I had Marinn who gladly helped me with the clean up.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 365: Day 39

Taurin got her ears pierced today.

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Project 365: Day 37

This is the hilarious and a bit creepy "There was and Old Lady who swallowed a Fly" Grandma puppet from Marinn's speech therapy appointment.  Her purse is filled with all the animals and stuff she swallowed... and you can put the stuff in her mouth and she swallows it.  AWESOME!

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Project 365: Day 35

Super Bowl watchers... well, and sleeper. 

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Project 365: Day 30

This was my view today... Taurin laying on my big belly.