Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Adventures...

On Friday we got the chance to go to Sand Hollow (pictured above) with my sister and her family.  We did some boating, the kids braved the crazy cold water, Andrew learned how to wake board, and we had a wonderful time.  I can't wait for the water to warm up so I can enjoy the swimming and do some wake boarding myself.  We also survived with NO sunburns, which is amazing with my fair skinned children. 

Then, on Saturday we headed out to Red Cliffs, this great hiking area with a river that runs through it.  We were a site to see: Andrew with Shaw in a hiking backpack, Me with Blaize in a front carrier thingy, Daisy on the leash, and Marinn and Taurin walking.  I guess they thought we were a bit mad taking 4 kids age 4 and under + a dog on a hike.  We hiked back into the canyon about a mile to this waterfall with pools for the kids to swim in.  They had a great time playing in the water and sliding down the rock into the pools.  It's such a neat place and so much fun.  I definitely need to get a durable/waterproof camera to take with us on our adventures because I can see a lot coming this summer.  Below are some pictures, not taken by me, but this is where we hiked up to. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Blaize's Birth Story


I am sharing this personal story because I believe we need to hear more of these wonderful calm birth stories instead of your common horror/pain stories.  Birth is beautiful and natural and if we let it "do it's thing" it can be strong, sweet and miraculous. 

My due date was April 22nd... that day came and went which we were kind of expecting because I usually go over.  We were all excited and waiting for our little guy to make his appearance. I'd been having contractions off and on for a few weeks just waiting for things to pick up. 

Then... on Saturday April 30th around 9 pm I started to have some more regular contractions that were stronger.  They started out about 5 to 7 minutes apart, we were watching a movie with the kids so I let Andrew know things were picking up.  He got the kids in bed while I timed contractions, by the time they were in bed things had picked up a bit more and he started filling up the birthing pool. 
(this is the birthing pool... soft and squishy and comfortable)

By about 10 pm they had gotten longer and were now 2 to 3 minutes apart.  I decided it was time to get into the birthing pool.  Contractions continued to gain intensity and I knew our little guy would make his appearance soon.  After 4 to 5 really strong contractions I felt like it was time to start pushing.
(These pictures were during the contractions) 

There were a few contractions that I tried to just push with a few times and I could feel things moving down.  I had another strong contraction and I reached down and could feel my water sack bulging (my water had not broken yet).  At this point I had the option to break my water or wait for it to go on it's own.  I decided I'd wait for a few more contractions and see how things went.  It was definitely a very cool feeling... like a water balloon.  I even remember saying out loud how cool it felt and how crazy it seemed.  I had another strong contraction after that and knew that we were almost there.  Andrew got into the tub with me and prepared to catch the baby. 
(About to make the last push)

One more strong contraction and a push from me... all in one the water broke and Blaize's head slipped right on out and then the rest of him followed quickly.  Andrew actually got to feel the water break in his hand before he caught Blaize.  He was born at 10:43 pm... only about 1 hour and 43 min from when the contractions started. 

Blaize had a nice covering of vernix and let out a loud cry.  He was beautiful and long and lean with a full head of hair.  We snuggled in the water for a few minutes.   This would be the first birth that I've had that I didn't feel shaky or exhausted right after the delivery.  I think this would be due to all the Crossfit training.  I also noticed during the contractions and pushing I was really able to use my own muscle and strength to work with them instead of straining to keep up.  It was amazing at how quickly it progressed and I was happy to add another chapter to my birth stories. 
(The paintings you see behind me were ones I painted for my wedding... these pictures weren't planned but I was so happy to have them be the backdrop for another new beginning.)
(I want you to notice the clarity of the water... people always comment about birth being messy but this shows a new perspective.) 
 I'd like to thank my midwife's assistant Dy for taking all of these great pictures with my challenging camera that was only focusing every 1 out of 3 pictures... thanks for sticking with it and helping capture some magical moments. 

Thank you to my midwife Laura for being an encouragement and support throughout this beautiful process. 

Thanks to my incredible husband who has always made it a priority to be fully engaged in the amazing moments of our life... I love that you've been the first one to touch our babies as they made their entrance into this world.  You're a good daddy.
 First pic with the whole family

Blaize Jeremiah Coffelt
8 lbs 8 oz
20 inches
*this pic at 4 days old... you can get your own hat here*