Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time for some color!

I had my hair done yesterday and was super excited how it turned out.  I've done the red before but we or should I say she -> (Melissa Wiebe) tried a different shade and it is super fun! 

I just pinned up the layers so you could see the awesome color... and I put make up on the one eye so I would look cool. 

See... told ya. 

Then some pinterest inspired ideas or should I say, "Pinspiration".  Yes I tried 2 different ideas to see how they compared.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Best White Elephant Gift EVER!

Here it is, after 15 minutes of cutting and sewing a pair of yoga pants... I created (with inspiration from THIS VIDEO).... the JOG STRAP!

This was my first one that I made for our Crossfit Christmas party. 

I assumed that most people had not seen the video so I included some instructions... 

Today my friend called in need of a white elephant gift... so I told her to bring over a pair of yoga pants  and we would make another jog strap.  This time I took some decent pictures to show you ; )