Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taco Bites

 I saw this recipe on Pinterest for Taco Bites and it sounded like a great idea because tacos are messy... especially when feeding them to children.  So, I tried it out and substituted the won ton wrappers for Raw Tortillas (pictured below).  I just cut the tortilla into 4 pieces and then folded the corners over the filling, which helped hold in the meat and cheese even better.  It also gave the tortilla a fried crispy texture without the grease.  Yay!  For those of you on the east coast I'm not sure if you will be able to find these but if you do buy them!  They are delicious!
I was able to reduce the baking time down to just 5 min and the kids loved them!  And, they weren't as messy as tacos.  I'd like to try this with an enchilada flare to it and fill the tortillas with flavored chicken and cheese and then smother them with some enchilada sauce : )  I'll definitely be posting that recipe when it's created.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Breakfast picnic with the Kindergarteners

Marinn brought home 3 different flyers about a Mother's Day breakfast at the school today.  
It advertised Cinnamon rolls and milk with your child on Friday morning at..... 7:45am!
Nothing say's "Happy Mother's Day!" like having to wake up and extra hour earlier. 
Marinn seemed so excited about it I gave in and drug my butt out of bed at 6am and got the kids ready to go.   Mar Mar gladly hung out with Taurin, Shaw, and Blaize while me and Marinn headed to the school for our "nutritious" breakfast.  

Here we are enjoying a beautiful morning.... and I have to say it was kind of nice having someone else make breakfast.  : ) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's take a ride....

At the park this evening the girls found some balloons and filled them up with water... all of them got popped except for Taurin's pink balloon.  She wanted to bring it home with her in the van but I said NO WAY!  But I told her it could ride on the top of the van and if it made it home I would let her bring it in the house.  
Here it is on the top of the van after a ride on the interstate, up hills, down hills, through 3 round-a-bouts, and over 2 speed bumps.  Our van has four awesome sun roofs in the back so the kids had a full view of the balloons ride home... the whole time they were yelling, "It's on Taurins side! AHHH... there it goes!"  It was pretty hilarious and entertaining.  Other than being a bit dirty it's still fully intact and currently residing in the kitchen sink.  : )  
Marinn gave me a high five for my awesome driving that saved the balloon... it did have a bit of help with the rack on the van but I'm still impressed.