Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where did you get this?

Marinn found a book that she hadn't seen before... she held it up and asked, "Mom did you get this out of that dump place? That bin thingy?"
"No Marinn, I didn't get it out of the dumpster.  That is a book MarMar got out."
Now where would she have gotten that idea?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Secret Coupon Mission

While going to pick up Marinn from school I noticed a recycling dumpster for "paper only".  I peeked in to see the mother load of possible coupons!  The following is the conversation that conspired later that evening.

I text my sister (she was working), "Would you join me on a secret mission after you get off work?"
Her response. "Sure. What's the plan?"
Me, "I found a secret stash of free coupons near Marinn's school."
Her, "Ok."

After she gets off work at 10:30pm she calls and the conversation goes something like this,
Her, "So, are we breaking into somewhere to steal coupons, because that's kind of what it sounds like?"
(I think it's funny she agreed even though it sounded like we would be breaking and entering, now that's a good sister!)
Me, "Oh no, we will just be dumpster diving."
Her in a small pitiful voice, "I don't want to go dumpster diving."
Me, "You don't have to get in, you can just stand out side and I'll pass you the coupons."
Her, "Are we going to get arrested if we get caught?"
Me, "No, Andrew said he doesn't think it's illegal.  But if we do I'm totally going to ask to hold up a coupon in my mug shot."
Her, "Ok, I'll pick you up in a few minutes, I'm on my way."
Me, "Ok, I'll have the flash light and masks ready."

She picks me up and we head to our destination.  We pull up, get out and I go to open the large lid on the top, only to discover that it is locked shut.  Fortunately there is a large square opening on the front, a "shoot" you could call it that if easily big enough for someone to fit through.
Now, anyone that knows me and my sister knows that I have about 80 lbs and 5" on her, so she is significantly smaller than myself.  We decide that the safest bet would be to put her down the shoot so I don't get stuck.  So, down she goes!
I pass her the flash light and she starts digging like a pro!  Now I have to note that this was the cleanest dumpster I've ever seen.  No smell, no cockroaches, no spiders, just paper and magazines.  
 With her awesome work we came out with 12 coupon circulars, and 4 motorcycle magazines.
This was actually a great time, we laughed a lot and it was totally free, not to mention scoring some great coupons. We decided if the cops came I would just shut off the light and leave her in there, then circle the block and pick her up after the cops left... lets just say this made us giggle.  

I'm seriously considering making this a monthly adventure and even hitting some of the other recycle bins in the city.  But next time I'll take a trip down the shoot : )  Who's with me? 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sock Bun Review & Victoria Secret Hair

I've experimented with a few different sock bun options.

#1. Sock bun while working out.
The results weren't too bad, this was my first try and I don't think I got it wrapped tight enough or dampened my hair enough.  The curls lasted okay, not sure if that's because they needed to be sprayed or if my hair weighs like 8 pounds.  

#2.  Sock bun overnight with very damp hair. (I don't have a picture of this one because I did it at about 3am.)  The result was very sad.   My hair was much too damp and so the result was scraggly looking half dry half wet hair.  No bueno.... Or should I say no bun-o. 

#3.  Double sock bun overnight with lightly dampened hair.  
I used 2 sock buns and easily got a nice tight roll.  I think 2 is probably necessary for the amount of hair that I have (see size of sock bun in #1).  The resulting curls were really great, but after walking Marinn to school they are more like light waves.  Maybe I just need more product in my hair or less hair?  I'm thinking I'll give it one more attempt with maybe some mouse or spray in my hair to help make the curls last.  
All of this sock bun stuff was spurred on by a picture I posted of my Victoria Secret hair.  So here you go!

Victoria Secret Hair 101

There are 2 methods I've found on this one...

 #1.  Hair in high pony, use straightening iron on small sections of hair then roll around Velcro rollers.  Let cool and then take down.
I use clips or bobbi pins to help hold curlers in place. 
After the curlers are out.
The result is a very voluminous with some slight curl at the ends (depending on the size of rollers you use).  

#2.  Same as above method but instead of using Velcro rollers you just wrap the hair around your finger and pin it down... like a pin curl.  This seems to work the best for me just because my hair is so heavy that curls tend to come out easily and these curls are smaller.  The results look a bit like the double sock bun above.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perfect Purse in Panguitch

I stumbled upon this beauty in a small town called Panguitch, UT.   We had done a last minute camping trip and me and my sister ended up going into Panguitch to buy some groceries, while in town we saw a few small boutiques and I was lucky enough to find this purse.   I fell in love instantly and for only $34 I was sold.  For the first time I feel like I have a bright and fun purse.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Pair of Shorts...

So this week began our 2nd month of Insanity, which means a tougher and longer workout plan.  We had a recovery week last week so we got a bit of a break.  Starting up this week was tough, but sometimes the little things can be inspiring.  I think it was wednesday and I was sore from the previous days workouts and I just wasn't in the mood to work out.  Then I remembered... I had just purchased a pair of new work out shorts (as a reward for completing month one) and all of a sudden I felt inspired.  So I threw on my new shorts and got down to business.  Rewards for small accomplishments are important and they can keep you going and inspired.  Who knew the power of my shorts!?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"You're just heavy."

Watching my nieces today...
The kids are playing on a pogo stick and I decide to give it a try.  
Andrew says, "Jess, that's weighted for kids." 
Tearony, "Yeah it's for like 80 pounds or less."
Me, "Oh, well I'm about 100 pounds over the weight limit so that's probably a bad idea."
Tearony's eyes get big as I tell her I weigh 180 pounds.
Me, "Go ahead and say it Tearony, say "You're a big woman Jesse." (this is what her sister used to say to me when she was young)
Tearony looks and me and holds her hands up a bit and says, "You are not a big woman, you are just heavy." 

: )  This made me smile.