Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flash Mob Philosophy

Last year on Thanksgiving me and my sister got a grand idea to do a flash mob for the black Friday shoppers at Target.  This was the result...

This year we decided to continue our tradition of crazy outfits and bad dance moves to a ridiculously catchy/popular song.   I posted an invite on Facebook for my friends and family to join me.  I was so excited and surprised at how many fabulously fun people I have in my life.   
After a few hours of creating choreography with my sister, an hour of last minute practice and prep, we had 22 people for our flash mob this year.  THANK YOU to everyone who came out to make this year even bigger and better! 

This was the result of this years fun... 

 We spend lots of time making sure we look good in front of other people by the way we dress and how we act.  Many times we believe that people will think we are silly or ridiculous when really they love when people are silly.  Why do we love kids so much?  They are silly.  Life is so short and we often take it very seriously.... take the time today and maybe just do something silly that puts a smile on someone's face.  You never know it might change their life.

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